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دهمین کنفرانس بین المللی مواد مغناطیسی و ابررسانا

برگزارکننده : دانشکده فیزیک دانشگاه شریف

27 تا 30 شهريور ماه 1396

مرتبط با رشته های

برق و الکترونیک

اطلاعات تماس

مسئول : محمد اخوان
تلفن دبیرخانه : 02166164544
وب سایت :

دهمین کنفرانس بین المللی مواد مغناطیسی و ابررسانا

محور های همایش

دهمین کنفرانس بین المللی مواد مغناطیسی و ابررسانا

محورهای همایش :

  • Fundamental and applied science of magnetism and superconductivity,with emphasis on strongly correlated electron systems are the main topics of the conference. The fields covered in the conference include:
  • I. ­Physics and Chemistry of Materials Synthesis :
  • a- Advances in techniques of obtaining high-quality material
  • b- Thin films and quantum structures (quantum wells,quantum wires,quantum dots,superlattices)
  • c- The physics of surfaces and interfaces
  • II.­ Physical Properties :
  • a- Electronic properties and band structure
  • b- Transport,magneto-transport,magneto-optical properties
  • c- Thermodynamic properties,critical phenomena,phase transitions
  • d- Flux dynamics,Josephson effect,critical current
  • III.­ Special Topics in Magnetism :
  • a- Anomalous quantum Hall effect
  • b- Amorphous magnetism,spin glasses
  • c- Bio-magnetism
  • d- Ferrites,garnets,permanent magnets
  • e- Nanomagnetism,quantum dot
  • f- Ferrofluids
  • g- Magnetic semiconductors
  • h- Spintronics and spin transport
  • i- Skyrmions and their manipulation
  • j- Magnetic imaging and microscopy
  • IV. Special Topics in Superconductivity :
  • a- High-Tc cuprates
  • b- Fe-based superconductivity
  • c- Hydrogen-rich materials,especially at high pressure
  • d- Superconductivity at nanoscale
  • e- Boron-based superconductivity
  • f- Magnetic superconductors
  • g- Heavy Fermion
  • h- Organic superconductivity
  • i- Topological superconductivity; Majorana fermions
  • V.­ Theoretical Approaches :
  • a- Low dimensional systems
  • b- Frustrated magnetic systems
  • c- HTSC mechanism
  • d- Magnetic interactions and ordering
  • VI.­ Applications :
  • a- Power,HTSC motors,microwave devices,sensors,optoelectronic
  • b- Magnetic recording
  • c- Medical and pharmaceutical applications of magnetism


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